Saturday, February 22, 2014

AESOP Institute’s Make-Believe Engines Will Harness The Power of Make-Believe Energy!

The AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy has been established with a very well-defined make-believe goal: to develop the revolutionary new make-believe technologies that will enable us to harness the make-believe power of Make-Believe Energy for the make-believe benefit of all mankind.

It should come as no surprise that  Make-Believe Energy can only be harnessed by make-believe engines.
That is why the AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy is indeed currently prototyping an amazing array of make-believe engines which in fact are now scheduled to be validated TOMORROW!!

All varieties of make-believe energy must fall into one of the following categories:

1) Energy that is ruled out by the Law of Conservation of Energy.

2) Energy that is ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

3) Energy that perhaps is not ruled out directly by the fundamental laws of physics, but is nonetheless ruled out by facts of nature.

Here at the AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy, we are pleased to announce that we are currently prototyping various make-believe engines that harness various forms of make-believe energy, in all three of the categories defined above! Indeed, our prototyping work has actually advanced to the point that we are now scheduled to validate each of these make-believe engines no later than tomorrow!!!

Make-Believe Energy Can Power Make-Believe Engines!

Make-believe technology based on make-believe "science" is emerging that can be imagined to replace all use of fossil fuels.

A make-believe "NO FUEL PISTON ENGINE" imagined by the AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy will run 24/7 on a single heat reservoir at atmospheric temperature, thereby disproving the Second Law of Thermodynamics - perhaps the single most well-established fundamental principle in all of physics.

These make-believe single-reservoir heat engines will be followed by make-believe FUEL-FREE TURBINES, based on a ten-year-old patent application that the Patent Office rejected.

A few trolls post extensive rants in the erroneous belief that these claims reflect dishonesty and fraud. Make-believe prototypes validated by independent make-believe laboratories will prove them wrong.

Make-believe desktop examples will be followed by make-believe thousand-watt emergency generators and even make-believe home power units. Make-believe FUEL-FREE TURBINES will also power make-believe hybrid cars and trucks with unlimited range, providing make-believe power to utilities when suitably parked, and thereby perhaps eventually even paying for themselves (after all, make-believe cars and trucks are not really very expensive.) Variations will power make-believe aircraft, space ships and flying saucers. And also,
make-believe container ships. And submarines, and freight trains. 

Completing the make-believe prototypes and rapidly bringing these remarkable make-believe engines into make-believe mass production is the remaining challenge.